• Modular data center cooling

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    Modular data center cooling The facility 600 is also shown as having a number of support columns 607 rising vertically through the facility space. The system may further comprise one or more cooling coils in each cooling module positioned between the warm air capture zone and a circulation fan suction zone. In addition, the warm air capture plenum can be contiguous along an entire row of the data center. In addition, pass through 117 and other pass throughs are provided near the coils 108 a, 108 b, so that additional warm air may move into each end of the apparatus 100. In addition, the apparatus can include a space inside the housing between the opposed faces in the warm-air plenum whereby warm air may pass from one of the one computer rack to an opposed computer rack. Rack-mount equipment bay cooling heat exchanger 31 Oct 2007 9 Dic 2008 Panduit Corp. The cooling plant 604 may also include a number of cooling towers 622 that can be lifted into position on top of the base unit once the base unit is installed. The apparatuses in the system can be positioned in one or more end-to-end substantially linear arrangements, and computer racks are located on opposed sides of the apparatuses. The system modular data center cooling claim 29, wherein the cooling units define spaces between adjacent cooling modules, and the support structures are located in the defined spaces. Where mechanisms for increasing cooling, such as speeding the operation of pumps, are no longer capable of keeping up with increasing loads, a control system may activate chiller 620 and associated pumps and may modulate control valves 628 accordingly to provide additional cooling. For instance, each cooling plant 600 may be associated with, and positioned at the end of, a set number of rows inside the facility, such as a single row or two rows. In other aspects, the system can also have a plurality of support structures extending upward from a data center floor and forming a plurality modular data center cooling rows of support structures, wherein each of the rows of cooling units envelops a row of support structures so that the support structures are out of a working area of the data center. The coils 108 a, 108 b define a warm air capture plenum 109 on one side of each coil, nearest the computer racks not shownand a cool air plenum hidden in the figures on their other side of the coils, which is in communication with the fans in the fans set 120. In yet another implementation, a data center cooling system is disclosed. A control valve is provided in the condenser water circuit to supply make-up water to the circuit. The apparatus or other apparatuses in the row may then cool the air and re-circulate it back into the workspace. The pass throughs or openings at the end of an apparatus that is last in a row of apparatuses may also be left open to draw air in from a workspace. The trays in the bays may connect to a number of outside services such as data cabling and electrical power, which connections have been omitted here for clarity. Where higher powered racks are used, the cooling units may be moved closer to each other to adapt for the higher heat load e. Modular data center cooling Apparatus 100 may be constructed of various appropriate materials. In one example, apparatuses 100 may be spread out so as to economically cover a lowest rack power density i. In addition, one or more fans mounted on the apparatus can be provided and can be positioned to circulate air from the electronics through the cooling coils and into the datacenter workspace. Such an arrangement acts to separate the warm air capture plenum 109 from the cool air plenum, and also positions the cooling coils 108 a, 108 b at an angle so that air flowing through the coils 108 a, 108 b begins moving in a direction upward toward fan set 120 after leaving the coils. The openings can be in a floor of the apparatus and define an opening longitudinal axis that forms a substantial angle with an apparatus longitudinal access so as to permit positioning of piping along a diagonal of the apparatus. For example, strut 128 may be of the size and shape that is similar to an interior portion of strut 129, so that strut 129 may slide down and over strut 128.

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