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    Kernel version debian jessie Thats what i wanted. And I can use it as an RTMP server too. OR Should i follow THIS guide:?? And since you released this new tuto to Kali 1. Note that your mirror sources will likely be different which is fine. I am now reconfiguring my system and narrating how i go about it on the Debian post installation Sticky. SSH keys are included in the image, which is insecure. It seems to work fine. We need to change it back to Kali Linux Repositories as otherwise you will end up getting testing updates which WILL BREAK STUFFS. Regards, Ewald Lots of progress since my previous post. Whenever I write the image to the card Transcend 16GB UHS-I and put it in the RPi, the boot process gets block errors and evenutaly freezes execution. After this I tried service keyboard-setup start but nothing happens: I get stucked in English keyboard, and it is a mess to keep track of many symbols. Any interests to test it? In other kernel version debian jessie, you need to install the dependencies explicitly, together with the backport kernel. Be prepared to wait a long time for the packages to compile. MX6 Udoo dual, Udoo quad linux-image-next-rockchip linux-headers-next-rockchip linux-dtb-next-rockchip 4. This was particularly unfortunate as most common distributions Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc standardized on the ARMv7-A architecture as a minimum for their ARM hardfloat ports. With Ian Jackson as Project Leader, this release made the transition to libc6, and consisted of over 1500 packages maintained by over 400 developers. Now I was able to install Kali Linux 1. I completey forgot about that. These steps made me veer off: Code: Grab a 4. You can select older kernels using the advanced option on the grub menu. Kernel version debian jessie PS: For me, the command for grub was update-grub, instead of grub-update. Thanks for the great work. Worked for 6670HD in Kali1. For those having issues with upgrading due to flash-kernel, the flash-kernel package in the collabora repositories has been rebased on the version in jessie which should solve the problem What is the difference between Debian Jessie and Raspbian Jessie get it by taking Raspbian Wheezy and change sources. Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide, with exercises at the end of each chapter. In the end, I downloaded and installed manually the latest keyring package from Collabora. For full documentation on the process, it is suggested that you also read through the.

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